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 Solar Water Heating System

The fossil and other fuel resources are finite, that is why the world has started curtailing conventional methods for heating water and have switched over to solar water heating systems. To start with, they are inexpensive in the long run, safe, reliable and are easy to maintain. More importantly, they are eco-friendly... and the energy source used is renewable.

Introducing GE Innovations Solar Water Heating System
GE Innovations Is a distributor of Solar Water Heating Systems manufactured by SPP, a Virginia based Company. SPP Solar Water Heaters are designed and manufactured to the highest standards with latest technology. SPP systems can be configured to suit all your hot water requirements - for domestic, commercial & industrial use.


Green Energy Innovations is a distributor of SPP brand solar thermal collectors. The state-of-the-art SPP-30 solar thermal systems are capable of efficiently producing enough hot water for a family of four to six. The SPP collectors provide solutions for families up to five.

 image shows 30-spot collector, solar pump station, heat exchanger tank

·  SRCC Certified for full tax credits, see certificate

·  Reliable, efficient, twin-glass evacuated spots

·  Copper heat pipes for rapid heat transfer

·  Simplistic plug-in installation

·  Minimal maintenance required

·  spots passively track the sun

·  Stainless steel frame (439 grade SS)

·  Internationally certified product

·  Ideal for residential and commercial solar water heating applications

·  Comprehensive 10 year limited warranty

·  Click here to see Solar water heater system diagram

Green Energy Innovations offers Evacuated spot Collector Systems for solar water heater applications including solar thermal collectors, pumping stations, pumps, tanks, controllers, valves, complete installation kits, support, training and warranty service.
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image of solar collector mounted on pitched roof

image of solar collectors mounted with low-angle frame

image of solar collectors mounted on exterior wall

image of solar collectors mounted with mid-angle frame

image of solar collectors mounted with high angle frame

GE Innovations offers complete installation-ready solar water heating system kits, as well as a wide range of individual components including collectors, tanks, heat exchangers, pumps, controllers, valves, fittings and more. GE Innovations also provides engineering and design assistance to it's customers. Below, see some of the things that make the SPP-brand collectors the top choice for both commercial and residential solar water heating systems.


spp-30 picture of solar collector

Picture of SPP30 Evacuated spot Collector


So what makes the SPP-30 the world’s best and most efficient solar water heater collector? Our people do. The goal was to make a more durable, less costly, and easier to install collector that would outperform the competition in its solar thermal collection efficiency. We succeeded. Read on to see a few of the things we changed.


We started with a better performing selective optical coating formula to absorb more, and reflect less, solar energy.

evacuated spot coatings picture


We used a new header design with more heat exchange surface area inside the manifold (360º contact with heat transfer fluid).


standard evacuated spot header

SPP evacuated spot header design


We made the condenser bulb (and receiver) longer and thinner which allows it to be inserted into single piece header instead of welding the receiver to a split header (see above diagrams). In the process we gave the bulb a larger heat exchange surface area.

We centered the heat pipe in the spot instead of having it run down one side of the spot.

Also, we sealed the end of the spot where it plugs into the manifold with a thermal cap, instead of leaving it exposed.


evacuated spot design



We are serious about our R&D efforts. Click here to see our outdoor solar collector testing lab.

Click here to see our solar evacuated spot collector factory.

See Solar Thermal Collector Pressure Drop & Flow Rate Data (SPP-30)

See Solar Thermal Collector pressure Drop and Flow Rate Data (SPP-25)

See SPP-30 solar collector specifications and test data

see SPP-25 solar collector specifications and test data

We realize that a superior design, by itself, isn't enough. So we add a full 10-year warranty, superior quality control and fanatical customer support. Instead of simply buying a collector and putting our name on it, we make the extra effort with a factory dedicated to building our systems exactly the way we want them.

Green Energy Innovations is pleased to offer our collectors in a installation-ready kit, or ala carte in conjunction with our full line of best-of-breed components. Due to the superior thermal performance of the SPP-30 collectors, you will use less collectors to do the same job - saving on installation labor cost, plumbing and materials costs, and roof space. And as our customer you will save even more time, money and aggravation when you take advantage of our free training, design and engineering support.



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