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The GEI Line of Solar or Wind Air Conditioners.


100% DC Inverter = No Wasted Energy

7,000, 9,000, 12,000, 15,000, 18,000 BTU Capacity with a heat pump.
Variable Speed BLDC Compressor.
All DC = No Inverter.
Hi-SEER DC Heat Pump.
Daytime and Night Time Operation.
Uses Standard Deep Cycle Batteries.
Works with Standard PV Panels.
Optimized for Solar Air Conditioning.
Solar Powered Air Conditioners
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  Expect years of trouble free operations with no monthly electric bills.  

The GEI solar air conditioners have been designed to make the best possible use of costly solar photovoltaic panels. The GEI line of air conditioners use less than half of the number of solar panels that would be required by the same capacity standard AC-powered air conditioner of the same max capacity running on solar panels through an inverter. The system is perfect for residential, commercial, telecom, portable classrooms or offices, or remote facilities where conventional or generator power is costly and/or unreliable.


Designing your Solar Air Conditioner


Your Solar or Wind Powered Air Conditioner system is designed to generate it’s own electricity which is then used to power the system. In order to generate your own power, you will need solar panels or a wind turbine, a charge controller and batteries.

“I’d put my money on solar energy…..I hope we don’t have to wait till oil and coal run out before we tackle that.”
Thomas Edison

Designing your Solar Air Conditioner

The DC Powered Solar Air Conditioner


DC Powered Split Unit

DC Powered Split Unit One reason that a DC Air Conditioner makes the best use of solar power is because there is no loss associated with converting DC power from solar panels into AC power to run a standard air conditioner.

100 % DC Powered Compressor

DC Powered Compressor Using standard solar panels which produce native DC power, the GEI air conditioners avoid the inefficient addition of an "inverter" that converts solar DC current into AC current.

Brushless Motor

Brushless Motor We use 48V DC brushless fan motors for both indoor and outdoor units of our solar air conditioners. DC brushless fan motors can greatly reduce energy consumption, and run with super low noise. Plus, the use of a brushless permanent magnet motor driver provides a variable frequency drive that allows the system to dynamically adjust its capacity based on conditions.

Solar Charge Controller

Solar Charge Controller A Solar charge controller protects the whole system and provides stable power supply.

Solar Panels

Solar Panels

We suggest you to connect 4 or 6 pcs 280W-300W solar panels to drive each solar air conditioner. Both mono-crystalline and ploy-crystalline solar panels can be accepted.


Battery Batteries are the energy bank to reserve energy. We recommend you use 4 x 12V deep cycle gel solar batteries  Depending on the system selected and the hours of battery operation you require, you can select the AH of your batteries.
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