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Solar Powered Air Conditioner


Are High Air Conditioning Bills Causing you to Lose your cool?

Solar Air Conditioner If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you may want to consider a solar powered air conditioner. A solar air conditioner can operate 24 hours a day without power interruptions and without a high electric bill. A DC Powered air conditioner can operate independent of the electric grid, powered by a 48V battery bank. The solar powered air conditioning system is available with and without a heat pump.

Are constant power interruptions keeping you hot?

Solar Electric The solar air conditioning system runs on dc power and does not require inverter. You do not even have to plug it into an electric outlet. The batteries may be charged using solar energy generated during the day. You may also choose to use wind power to charge the batteries if wind is more suitable for your location. The solar air conditioner is perfect for home or office.

Would you like to turn off that smelly generator?

Smelly Generator We also offer a hybrid solar air conditioner which can save you as much as 80% on your electric bills during the daytime hours when the cost of electricity tends to be the highest. Ideally suited for business establishments that need air conditioning only during the day with no requirements for cooling at night. The hybrid air conditioner does not require any batteries or an inverter. With a high SEER value of 35, this is probably the most efficient hybrid air conditioner available in the world today.

Would you like to lower you carbon foot print and still stay cool in the summer?

Solar Energy Solar Powered air conditioner for home So, if you want to avoid those huge electric bills this summer or just need peace of mind that your air conditioner will operate even if your television does not, click on the link below to find our more about our DC air conditioners or our hybrid air conditioners and stay cool this summer.

Green Energy Innovations Introduces a 100% Solar Powered Air Conditioner to keep you cool without a large monthly electric bill.


To learn about our 100% Solar or Wind Powered Air Conditioner


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