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Solar Powered Air Conditioners and Refrigerators

  We offer an entire range of Solar Powered products and solutions. Our Solar Powered Air Conditioners and our Solar Powered Refrigerators are gaining worldwide acceptance and adoption. We offer an entire range of DC Powered Air Conditioners and DC Powered Refrigerators are ideally suited to off grid applications. Our DC Air Conditioners and DC Refrigerators are 100% solar or wind powered solutions. The Solar Air Conditioner uses 48V to operate that is provided by a battery bank. The Solar Refrigerator requires a single 12V battery to operate independent of the electric grid.

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Solar DayLighting Systems

 Green Energy Innovations also offers an entire range of Day Lighting Solutions. Also known as tubular lights, solar lights, or tunnel lights, day lighting solutions offer free lighting from the sun that is extremely bright and cost nothing to operate during the day. Ideally suited for manufacturing, warehousing, retail, classroom, office and residential applications, the tubular lights offer natural lighting anywhere it is desired. Day lights are not skylights. With the use of highly reflective surfaces, diffusers and optics our daylight solutions can bring natural light where it was once not possible. Manufactured in Italy to the highest exacting standards. We offer an entire range of Commercial  and Residential Daylighting solutions.

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Solar PV

Green Energy Innovations is a Solar Solutions Provider. We work with Solar systems designers, engineers, installers and financiers to bring Commercial Solar projects to fruition. We broker the purchase and sale of solar assets in the USA. We work with a diversified group of installers to ensure that we have the best team in place to ensure that projects are completed in a timely fashion with no cost overruns or budget surprises.

Working with several manufacturers and installers we are in a position to help our clients around the world save significant amounts on their large solar projects. If you are looking for solar panels, inverters or racking systems, give us a call and get our latest pricing. We supply panels made in USA, Canada, Germany, Mexico, China, India, etc.   


Solar Thermal Solutions

Solar technologies are broadly characterized as either passive solar or active solar depending on the way they capture, convert and distribute sunlight. Active solar techniques include the use of photovoltaic panels, solar thermal collectors, with electrical or mechanical equipment, to convert sunlight into useful outputs. Passive solar techniques include orienting a building to the Sun, selecting materials with favorable thermal mass or light dispersing properties, and designing spaces that naturally circulate air.

Solar Evacuated Vacuum Tubes are an extremely effective solution to generate hot water for residential or commercial use. Also known as solar hot water systems, a single collector can heat 80 gallons or 300 liters of water a day. The applications of a solar thermal solution are limitless. Used in households for showers, dishes and clothes washing. Ideally suited for swimming pools and home heating needs. Our collectors are widely used in car washes, commercial laundromats, restaurants, hotels, etc.

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Benefits of Solar Energy

Solar Electric power is an energy source that is clearer, more reliable longer lasting and environmentally friendlier than nuclear, oil, coal or other fossil fuels based solutions.

»Lower your electric bills with solar electricity.

» A more sustainable, clean energy source than fossil fuels or nuclear energy.

» Reduces greenhouse gas emissions and air pollutants and decreases our impact on climate change. This, in turn, increases the traditionally non-quantitative 'quality of life' measures such as better respiratory health, decreased work or school absenteeism from smog-related asthma, and mitigating the broader personal and socio-economic impacts of climate change.

» Helps citizens develop an energy conservation ethic, increasing their independence from outside energy sources and decreasing their annual energy costs.

» Reduces the need to import energy from abroad and is an energy source unaffected by global price fluctuations
Creates employment opportunities and new sources of income.

» Solar Electricity is Clean, Reliable, Safe & a renewable source of Electricity.

Green Energy Innovations Offers:

» Cost Effective Solutions for Today's Challenging Economy.

» The Latest Technologies to save Money & our Planet.

» Secure a Better Tomorrow through Efficient Energy Usage.

" I'd rather put my money on the Sun & Solar Energy. What a Source of Power.
I hope we don't have to wait till Oil & Coal run out before we tackle that. "

Thomas Edison

More information
Today there are several incentives for renewal energy.
Find all state, local, utility and federal incentives for renewable energy & energy efficient products at:

Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency
Visit :dsireusa.org



Solar Electric

 Solar Electric (PV)


Solar Panel

 Solar Panel


SPP Pool Heater

 SPP Pool Heater


Residential Solar Air conditioner

 Residential Solar Air conditioner


Led Lights

Led Lights







» The Solar Investment Tax Credit Frequently Asked Questions.

» The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

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